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  • Spring Air

    Spring Air Bonnet

    Bonnet King Size Spring Air Orthopedic Mattress

    With 4 cm Pillow Top mat

    Imported fabric

    Good alternative to rest at a good price

    500 Bonell type spring mattress

    Semi-firm mattress

    Bonnet Spring Air Orthopedic Mattress. It has a Posture Comfort rest system designed with a high number of double-tempered Bonell Springs, which provides great stability to the mattress. It also has a 4 cm Pillow Top mat. If what you require is a high quality semi-firm mid-price mattress, the Spring Air Morgan mattress is the right one.

  • Spring Air

    Spring Air Bronce

    * Bonell spring unit double tempered and reinforced

    Six-turn spring unit specially produced for uniform body support and durability

    * Combipad orthorelax cushion:

    Insulator that prevents the body from having contact with the springs, eliminating the annoying experience of feeling the spring

    *Cloth: Import importer

  • Spring Air

    Spring Air Silver

    It has a medium level of firmness

    Pillow top mat

    Technology to avoid having to flip the mattress

    Comfortable and hygienic fabric

    Combipad Orthorelax cushioning: insulation that prevents contact with the springs

    Knitted fabric with exclusive design that allows a greater feeling of freshness and comfort.

    Mite free

    Endorsed by the College of Chiropractic Scientific Professionals of Mexico

    Made of cotton and polyester

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